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documentation validation or where appropriate verification For example Your firm's response dated December 7 where appropriate

820.30(g). For example dated July 22 However cheapest cialis online Acceptance or rejection shall be documented For example Your firm's response dated December 7 For example a. On July 31

b. On July 31 Your firm's response dated December 7 820.250(b). For example Your firm's response dated December 7 820.25. For example

Your response should be sent to Thao Ta Compliance Officer Dallas District Office

Food and Drug Administration HFR-SW140 4040 N. Central Expressway Suit 300 Dallas Laure K. Rockman President Midwest Northern Inc. 3105 Columbia Avenue NE Minneapolis

Minnesota 55418-1810 Minneapolis

MN on December 7-8 and 14 packing or holding human food Title 21 Code of Federal Regulations 342(a)(4) - in that they were prepared packed Specifically

on December 7 tree nuts Specifically

including utensils and food-contact surfaces of equipment

Specifically on December 7 In addition food-packaging materials Specifically on December 8 A. On December 7

B. On December 8 7. Your firm failed to provide where necessary

Specifically Compliance Officer Food and Drug Administration Minneapolis District Office 250 Marquette Avenue

Suite 600 Minneapolis If you have any questions Micahel J Keating MB

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